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Thankful for being featured by Norah Sleep Wedding Style

I am thankful to be featured by this incredible wedding planner from “across the pond”, UK


Gorgeous Bridal Details Photographed

By Will Rodriguez

January 15, 2014


I do - bridal details

The amazingly talented Will Rodriguez lets his lens tell the wedding story and captures some gorgeous, stylish bridal details in the process.  Here is just a little insight into his beautiful bridal  images.

Beautiful bridal gown

lace bridal gown

Bridal dress shots.

For a wedding it is the little details that will make a wedding unique and special. Even if several brides choose an identical bridal gown, it is the personal touches that make each wedding gown different to the eye and I think Will captures these little bridal details via his camera. Often these little details are the bride’s favorites because they are those little bridal indulgences that we allow ourselves on this very special day.

dress details

Will provides close up shots to show everyone the fabulous bridal details, like these beautiful bridal nails.

Brides shoes

bridal shoes

Oh the bridal shoes! Brides just love to  capture the image of their wedding shoes, as they can look back over time to see the beautiful heels they wore.

bridal flowers

Will captures beautiful wedding flowers

Bridal makeup

Will gets up close and personal to capture every bridal detail. Here it is hair and makeup time.

Bridal henna

Henna feet

Here Will capture Indian bridal details; nothing is missed.

The transformation is complete and the blushing bride is ready for Will’s lens.

Gorgeous  Bride

bridal view

Bride all ready

Just add the gorgeous wedding bouquet.

Bride with bouquet

Bridal bouquet

Finally, after the ceremony Will captures a beautiful wedding moment.

The kiss

‘You may kiss the bride’  A picturesque memory from Will Rodriguez.

The affordable NJ Wedding Photographer Will Rodriguez is available to ensure gorgeous customise wedding pictures.

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